Can not log in in Yonostore

I can not log in in yonostore, however, i have an account on yonohub.

You should be able to log in at YonoStore at using the same username and password you use at Yonohub!/login

Please don’t use the email to log in at Yonohub or YonoStore, just the username and password.

Could you please verify if it works and let us know?

I have tried both. When i use the username and password to log in at YonoStore i get this error: " ERROR : The username or password you entered is incorrect.". However, on Yonohub i log in normally, and for sure i am sure from the username and password that i am using the same data.

Can you please try to reset your password on YonoStore using this page? Please let me know what you find.

You can use the same password you use for Yonohub or use a different one, so this will not affect your Yonohub password.

I did as you requested and logged in successfully on Yonostore.
Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

You are welcome.