How to create 2 different blocks using Octave API with gitlab repository

In Python, it is possible to select the .py files, that would make the block, but in Octave it is just a new block and there could be multiple of folder with multiple of on_new_messages.m for example, is there is a possibility to select folders in Octave API?
I don’t think there is a possibility on myside to gitclone a specific folder from the repository, to be able to put the url on block manager, if there is, please advice

It is a current limitation for Octave-based projects that a project may contain only one block. It is also assumed that the .m files are located right in the folder of the project (whether the folder is from YonoDrive or a git repository).

The current workaround is to make sure you have the repo in YonoDrive and use the folder path to create the project. You can also create a separate repo for your block, and your .m files have to be at the root.

I will create an issue regarding this topic. The plan is to auto discover the .m files that have the names of our APIs and based on that the block manager can suggest one or more blocks in the blocks tab. This is the same approach used for the Python API. What do you think about this plan?

I think would be better to make each directory at the lowest hierarchy a possible block in block manager

This would generate a lot of spam, especially if this is a large repo of a big project. Also this wouldn’t work if you would like to have a folder inside your block for any needed files.

It is easier and more useful to search for the .m files because each block must have one or more of the following files:

  • on_start.m
  • on_new_messages.m
  • on_properties_changed.m
  • on_button_clicked.m

I created this issue based on our discussions.

Thank you.