How to create a block

I have created the custom block below with the following parameter

  • Port Name : In

  • Port Key : In

  • Port Message : sensor_msgs/Image.

  • Port Name : Out

  • Port Key : Out

  • Port Message : sensor_msgs/Image.

SourceCode: from MyDrive, an mfile, that contains the defintion of “function output_messages = on_new_messages (messages)” that is defined in

and I have been waiting for 30 minutes, to become ready, and no change, and there is no log to find what is the problem that I have done in order to fix it, what is the problem, that makes it not ready?

I found where to find the log, but it get overwritten each time the system tries to build the project, so I have to keep checking it till I reach the error message

What are the contents of the log? Is it what you described in this thread? ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'oct2py'

If so, this means that Octave is not available in the environment you are using for this block.

Please make sure to check the Octave checkbox while building an environment using YonoEBuilder. Then, you should select this environment for the block you are building.

Please let me know if this fixes your problem.

If you find any similar issues, please create an issue at instead of using the discussions section.