NuScenes Database Player Block Error

I am trying to use the NuScenes Database Player block at Yonoarc but it gives me this error: “an unhandled error occurred inside the block during startup”. Any Idea about what might be wrong? It also says I do not have permission to logs.


Thanks for your message. We have investigated this and found a problem with the recently released version of the block (0.3.18). We released a fixed version now (0.3.19). Please use this version instead. You don’t need to re-purchase the block, just change the block version in the block properties or re-drag-and-drop it again.

The block logs are only accessible to the block owner and the collaborators (shared-with teams). This is to protect the block owner’s IP. You can view any block logs of the blocks you’ve created.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve further questions.