Rebuild, doesn't clone the repo

in block manager, there is a real problem that unless you edit sth in the block parameters and the “created” icon appears the code in the repository doesn’t get cloned which I would say against expected behavior at least from my side, since I can change the code without changing the parameters, so it should get cloned each time the block gets build, or?

I am sorry I didn’t quite get what you mean, so let me explain the process. As explained in this page, there are three buttons that are related to your question:

  • Build the project. This is needed only for a new project or an existing project whose source code or basic project info has changed. This action fetches your source code from YonoDrive or GitLab (depending on your project settings) and builds the project based on the basic info of the project, including the type of the project and the messages needed.
  • Release the project if the project is Release Ready. You will be asked to enter the version of the release in the major.minor.patch format.
  • New release which creates a new unreleased version of the project. You can then build the project if the source code of the project has changed or edit the info of the block under the blocks tab if the source code hasn’t changed.

So if you would like to create a new version of your block, you have to click New release. Then, if your source code has changed, you should click Build. If not, you don’t need to build and Yonohub will assume that the source code didn’t change. At this point, you can also edit the block info in the Blocks tab. At the end (after building and/or editing the info), you should click Release.

Does that answer your question? Is there a bug in the flow I described above?


Steps to reproduce the problem:
1- Create an Octave Project using gitlab as your repository
2- Build the project
3- Release the project
4- Modify the gitlab repository by adding this line in the code >disp(“debug”);< for example and push the changes
5- Rebuild the project
6- Release the project
You will notice, the “debug”, doesn’t get displayed in the block log, when you run the pipeline
7- Edit the project in block manager by doing anything till the “created” icon appears near the project name.
8- Rebuild the project
9- Release the project
You will notice, the “debug”, get displayed in the block log, when you run the pipeline.

The above scenario contradicts your generic statement, that the “Build”: