Yonohub doesn't support multiple block files

I finished implementation for a python block on Gitlab. The implementation contains multiple .py/.pyx/Cpp files. When I tried to release the block on Yonohub, I got: Any project can contain only one block, but this project contains multiple blocks. Please delete all of them except one.

It seems that I’ve some utilities/lib stored in Python or Cython files on Gitlab. They’re all detected as blocks. Is there any solution other than putting the whole code in one file?

By default, when you built a project using the Block Manager, Yonohub tries to discover the potential blocks in your project. You can see this list by navigating to the Blocks tab, selecting the project name then its version (which would be Unreleased since your project is still unreleased).

You should remove all the items in this list of potential blocks except the entry that maps to your real block. You should also make sure you enter all the info of your block (such as ports and properties).

Then, you should go back to the Projects tab to release your project. Then, you won’t see that error.

Does that solve your problem?

Yes Man, It works.


Great. I will close this issue then.